Tips and Tricks to Use Yii Rights extension – RBAC (Role based access control )

Rights is a extension module in yii framework which can be used to have a interface for role based access control..

Using rights its very easy to manage various roles and permission in the application, and can be used as a standard for all projects..

Some Codes that people often need but are not documented..

1) To determine if the logged user is superuser

   echo "I am one of the superuser of application, I have all access to app.";

2) Get all superusers in the application


3) Get all roles assigned to the logged-in user

    foreach($roles as $role)
       echo $role->name."<br />";

4) Get all users of a particular role (Lets say there is a DataEntry as a role whose job is to enter data in the system)

  foreach($data_entry_users as $id=>$assignment)

5) Assign a user a role in the system when he signs-up..

$authorizer = Yii::app()->getModule("rights")->getAuthorizer(); 
$authorizer->authManager->assign($type, $model->id);;

Case: When superuser is creating the user he has a drop-down List of all roles in the system and he can select a role for the new user..
but if a person normally signs-up he doesn’t has that choice, he must be give User role.. Where $model->id is the id of new created user..

 6) Generate drop-down of all available roles in the application for a superuser so that he can select a role while user creation..

if (Yii::app()->user->isSuperuser) {
  $all_roles = new RAuthItemDataProvider('roles', array( 
  $data = $all_roles->fetchData();
<label for="type_id">Type</label>
<?php echo CHtml::dropDownList("Type",'',CHtml::listData($data,'name','name'));?></div>

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